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Loss prevention

Security problem has always been an important issue to supermarket & hypermarket. Divenland, in combination with their highly innovative and many years’ experience, provides supermarket with a variety of solutions (eas anti-theft attennas, eas tags, safes, electronic protections etc.) to effectively protect all of their articles.


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Divenland anti theft solutions help customers increase sales and profits by improving their supply chain efficiency and providing a secure, open merchandising environment.Merchandise is protected from shoplifting, and is available to consumers when they are to purchase.


digital store 组合3


As specialists in retail security solution, Divenland has been creating a secure retail environment by protecting high value goods on open display for over 8 years, the combination of physical anti-theft technology and EAS RF or AM technology, which can perfectly protect all merchandise of digital store.                                                                                                                   Our wide range of retail security products will assist not only in anti theft, but also provide attrative and real shopping experience to customers.


book store 组合4

EM(Electromagnetic) anti-theft system is composed of detecting antenna, hand held detector, deactivator, reactivator, EM label, etc. In this technology, a magnetic, iron-containing or cobalt-containing label with an adhesive layer is attached to the merchandise. This label is not removed at checkout. It’s simply deactivated by a deactivator that uses a specific highly intense magnetic field. One of the advantages of the EM label is that it can be re-activated and used at a low cost.

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